Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Problem at the doctors surgery

There seems to be a conflict of interests at my local doctors surgery...

I was sitting in the foyer, waiting to have my mole investigated. My gaze drifted along the walls (mainly to avoid catching eyes with the plague victim on my left) at various posters and ad campaigns regarding the threat of obesity. Heart disease. Diabetes. High blood pressure.

And there, beside these blown up warning signs, was a vending machine.

A vending machine waiting to charge the next desperate soul for some gallstones. (No, they're nothing like gobstoppers.)

Make your mind up, NHS. Do you want us to avoid eating Mars bars or not?

It's just confusing. Some poor, fat sod with gout is going to walk all the way to the surgery, nearly pass out from the pain, and pick up a Wispa Gold for his efforts.

It's like holding an A.A. meeting in an off-license.

The items sold in vending machines are bad for us. Not just if they're eaten on occasion (being 'treat-wise' is a marketing ploy. If you only smoke crack once a fortnight you're still smoking crack more than you should), they are bad for us all the time. They contain a concoction of ingredients that are impossible to recreate in nature. Early homo-sapiens did not survive on Revels.

However, until we develop foods which are as healthy as they are nice tasting, chocolate and crisps will rule. A person should have the right to choose when and if they buy junk food. I do accept this.

But right next to the obesity posters? Behave. I could sympathise if this was the USA, where the moment people stop getting fat is the moment the economy collapses.

But the NHS is like a black hole - there will never be enough money, and the money saved from obesity related illnesses could help other causes a great deal.

Hell, it might even be enough to buy a drinks machine too! Dr Pepper, anyone?