Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Interesting feedback on boiler repair service

As a call centre worker, you have to learn to enjoy the little things...

The excited laugh of an older woman when she's presumed to be half her age. An answer phone message featuring a crude Dolly Parton impersonation (Mrs Peters wasn't working 9 'til 5 as a sound-alike, that's for sure).

Discovering a name like 'Titshaboner'. 

It will probably come as no surprise to learn that life in the call centre can be very dreary. But, on a rare occasion, a person's response makes me want to keep my job forever.

Case in point. I was gathering feedback from a lady about her recent boiler repair. She'd had a lot of nice things to say about the way in which it was dealt with, and halfway through my survey I quizzed her on the attitude of the repairman who serviced it.

When I came to ask "why were you 'very satisfied' with his attitude?", what was her response?

"Because he was pleasant"? "Because he was efficient"?

No. Her response was "because he wasn't abusive"


Because he wasn't abusive? Because he wasn't abusive?

Because he wasn't abusive.

I feel like this lady's expectations regarding boiler repair people are uncommonly low. Honestly, you've had to have some bloody miserable experiences when you've praised a workman's lack of abuse. Who the hell has been doing jobs at her flat? Is she at one moment reporting a faulty oven fan, and the next being chained to the radiator?

I wonder if she'd be surprised to learn that very few boiler repair people actually are abusive to residents. Or have I just been incredibly lucky with handymen my entire life?

Across the nation, are housewives bound and gagged before the engineer fits a new Sky Box? Maybe you can't get a leaking tap sorted without the plumber pushing you down the stairs first.

"Can I make you a cup of tea or anything?" - Tenant.
"Yes please, you fat horrible turd. Milk and two" - Worker.

The poor woman, no wonder she was so eager to complete my questionnaire - probably thought I'd torment her with nuisance phone calls if she resisted.

I probably would have. All in a day's work.